Terms And Conditions

Pressure Washer Plus is not liable for pre-existing damage to any parts of your home including siding, fascia, roofing, windows, screens, concrete, pavers, stonework, brick, tile, decks, fencing, gutters, and roofing.

Our standard pressure washing does not include the removal of rust, oil, grease, glue, paint, caulk, concrete, or any other non-organic material from your surfaces.

Using our camera, before the service is done, we document anything on video and photography that is broken, cracked, torn, oxidized, etc.

The homeowner is responsible for moving items out of the way before we arrive at the job site, like: pots, furniture, dog bowls, toys, dog poop, cars, and door mats out the way. There will be additional charges if we have to move these items.

Payment is due the same day work is completed for residential owners. Commercial jobs are 30-60 days. You can pay in the form of cash or credit card.

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